Friday, 16 March 2018

How to get Result Oriented Bulk SMS Service Provider for Business in Bangalore

Are you planning to send bulk SMS to attract the target audience in Bangalore, Karnataka. Then there are a lot of ways with which you can generate the leads and increase your Clients. Online SMS Shop offers an outstanding API for sending SMS from website. You can easily learn how to use forms and various landing pages with Online SMS Shop

Sending Text Messages from API
The Internet is complete of information and tutorials. You can easily find out many online services to send Bulk messages but using a consistent service would be not easy to find. In Indore you can find one of the best telecom packages which allow the user and group to send bulk messages to users. The process is practical and efficient for marketing. However, transactional SMS services now allow businesses to send messages by using API.

Sending messages by hand get a lot of time and effort. So API for sending text messages is an automated process. If you want to send a message to 10,000 or more subscribers in a day then use an automate process. 

Use SMS Gateway API 
Computerized procedure for transfer SMS to customers is amazing. If you are looking for global SMS API service provider, then this Gateway API serves an efficient purpose. Now to benefit the Gateway API you need to send GET request of SMS on HTTP API URL. Then make sure to pass the data which will be a phone number and the desired message to URL. An SMS will be triggered from server and messages will be sent to desired numbers.

Send Messages to DND Numbers 
Always keep in mind that messages can also be promote on numbers which are set in DND mode. If you are using the transactional SMS service then you can send messages only Non-DND numbers. However, if they have select to receive information from a specified number, then user will not receive SMS. Promotional messages can be sent to any number. You do not have to take permission, but there are some unique numbers which are registered in DND. 

Costs of Packages 
The expenses and packages fluctuate from company to company and provider. If you are getting online service, then costs would be less as compared to the physical based setup. To benefit the gateway service API for sending text messages, you need an approved account. The account will be verified by Online SMS Shop. Packages vary according to bulk purchases. You cannot send promotional messages in bulk for free in Bangalore, Karnataka.

Thursday, 8 March 2018

What is Inbound SMS and Benefits of Inbound SMS Service – By Online SMS Shop

Online SMS Shop

Business SMS is generally related with outbound messaging – The process of sending staff and customer messages, notifications and reminders to their mobile devices.

Here you can learn what inbound messaging is and how its addition can profit your business.

What is Inbound SMS?

Text SMS are the most universal form of inbound messaging, in which you text a short code to a particular number to enter a competition. This form of messaging is known as inbound, in which the customer start the conversation through the use of a keyword, phrase or short code. It allows full two-way interactive SMS between a person and a business

How it Works

Inbound messaging can be generating through the beginning of keywords or short codes.
Let’s take a deeper look into each to understand how they work.

Short Codes

Short codes are 5 digit numbers that SMS are sent to. For example sending a message to 50509 creates an automatic response from the system, such as “Thanks for Giving your Information”.
The main benefit to short codes is their length. The short number is usually easy to remember, so can be re-called quickly when they want to be used.


Automated replies can also be generated from keywords. For example, sending the keyword Bulk Voice Call India to a number would generate an up to date record of the total number of inventory in Voice Call.

It’s important to keep keywords short and relevant to your business.

Benefits of Inbound Messaging

Benefit of SMS is that it enables users to send easily inbound messages from their mobile phone when 3G data is not available.
Some of the benefits of inbound messaging include:
  • Enable inbound SMS campaign to make revenue and improve efficiency.
  • Easily send automated responses from your internal systems, such as Bulk SMS inventory
  • Route keywords to the relevant areas of your business
  • Manage all inbound messaging from an enterprise messaging platform that can be accessed anywhere
  • Allows multi-response campaigns for complicated inbound tactics
  • Access control (black and white list filtering)

Getting Started

Want to talk more about how you can start reaping the benefits of inbound SMS for your business? Get in touch and a member of our team will help you get started with inbound messaging.

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

What is bulk SMS Reselling? What are the advantages of reselling? is giving you the chance to resell the SMS make the costumer and gets more profit. This will assist to resell the SMS credit to their clientele. They can sell it on monthly basis receiving the SMS from us at with no time lapse that means their SMS credibility will not expire. So it help out to sell bulk SMS and make the profit.

Message units from can be purchased at wholesale price and then Bulk SMS in Indore or India can be resell to your clients in small amount at whatever price. With the increase in customers the profit ratio increases because of the increase in the use of more messages and the additional messages you buy the smaller will be your SMS cost. The profit of per SMS turns out to be higher, the more money you make.

Reseller can earn large piece of money with no setup cost. The three type of reselling SMS are as follows

A) AFFILIATE: – The affiliate person will send the SMS with same user ID. It is mostly being used by the companies with same User ID.

B) DUAL BRAND: – The reseller can resell the SMS with different User ID but same URL.
1. Dual branded Messenger for customers for log in, receive and send texts
2. Creation of page to keep updated that if your customers are tagged to you
3. Create customer accounts on your own.
4. Earn commissions for every sale made
5. Panel can be made on paid monthly
6. Sales & Marketing help
7. Reporting reports
8. Risk free trial to assess its suitability or performance for your customer

C) WHITE LABEL: – The reseller will have different URL and different User ID.
1. You will have Account of White Label ‘Messenger’. The SMS World will help you to send the SMS with your company user ID and URL.
2. Creation tool will help you to provide user ID of your costumer, master your Account & live Report Package
Sell the credits SMS to your customers at desired price. Get a domain name with a secure password.

How to get Result Oriented Bulk SMS Service Provider for Business in Bangalore

Are you planning to send bulk SMS to attract the target audience in Bangalore, Karnataka. Then there are a lot of ways with which you ...